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Protective Splints

It is important to know that using a protective splint, professionally engineered to fit properly, can prevent mouth injuries caused in sports activities.

By increasing youth participation in sport there is an increasing percentage of injuries in the mouth. A modern research in the United States showed that more than 5 million teeth are lost every year during sports activities in America.

To lose a tooth initially is an unpleasant fact for the athlete, but it is “compromising” the affected region of the mouth of an individual for a lifetime! It sounds extreme, but after this experience and long research, it is obvious that the injured area is very burdened dentally (orally) than the rest of the mouth.

The protective splint should be standard equipment for athletes of all ages.

The use of a protective splint protects the teeth, lips, cheeks and tongue.

It could also be a protective mean for severe injuries such as concussion, cerebral hemorrhage, cases of loss of consciousness, jaw fractures, neck injuries, because they prevented the violent impact of the lower jaw to the upper jaw.

Maximum protection is the result from splints that are manufactured properly, apply perfectly in the right places of the mouth and are manufactured based on the oral meters of the patient’s mouth. Therefore, they are absolutely personalized and not prefabricated splints of trade (mass production). Splints that are purchased from sporting goods stores provide low or no protection at all.

Additionally, low-cost splints which are not manufactured by the measures of the dentist, have less protection and may be difficult for the athlete’s breathing.

The protective splint made by the measures of dental practitioners, are from material such as vinyl, rubber to absorb vibrations, odorless and hypoallergenic.

It would be good both coaches and dentists to recommend protective splint during sports activities.