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Endodontics – Denervation

One of the main reasons anyone needs immediately the dentist is due to intense and constant toothache, which sometimes does not calm even if you take painkillers. In most cases this pain is treated with endodontic treatment of the responsible tooth.

This does not mean that if a tooth does not hurt it cannot have endodontic treatment. Any tooth has microbial penetration into the pulp chamber (the cavity in the tooth that is the pulp of the tooth), in most cases need endodontic treatment. The endodontic treatment (root canal) is a technique of high difficultyand high precision, which is performed inside the tooth, more precisely at its root, in order to keep it active in the mouth.

This includes removing the nerve of the tooth if the pulp is still there and is not ‘dead’, decontamination of the pulp chamber and root and ultimately clogging them.

If endodontic treatments are done relatively soon they have quite high success rate.