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Dental Cleaning

During the day, particularly after food consumption, bacteria cling to the teeth that form a coating called bacterial plaque. Microbial plaque can be removed by using the toothbrush and toothpaste, provided that the patient applies the right way of brushing.

However, if the bacterial plaque is not completely removed, then the accretion of saliva on the bacterial plaquecalculus or stone is formed. The stone cannot be removed with the toothbrush, therefore requires a visit to the dentist for scaling (cleaning), otherwise, if left on the tooth would retain more and more bacteria thus causing inflammation of the gums or dental decay.

The cleaning of the teeth is accomplished either by hand tools or the ultrasound system, which is a special machine causing vibration in a very thin scraper and with sprinkling of water the stone is detached from the teeth.

Then a special polishing compound is used in which the surface of the tooth is polished or an airflow device may be used to remove all tartar, colours and food waste in order to have a completely clean tooth surface that tartar will hardly cling to it.

Cleaning should be done every 6-12 months to keep your gums healthy.