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Resin Sides

Aesthetic fillings composite resin / Dental bonding. Dental caries is the most popular disease of teeth, which affects people’s teeth of all ages. Tooth decay causes “holes” in the teeth and the entrance of bacteria in them. In these cases it is necessary for the dentist to intervene in order to remove all of the “contaminated” surfaces and seal the tooth (filling), which will restore the damaged tooth surface in the original format.

Nowadays the material mainly used is the composite resin, which is at the colour of the tooth and if the procedure is followed correctly will be difficult to note the difference between a natural tooth and a tooth with a composite resin filling.

For the reason that the composite resin offers perfect cosmetic results, is also used to change the shape, dimensions and colour of front teeth (dental bonding) as a more economical solution compared to porcelain veneers. Usually in these cases you do not need any preparation (grinding) of the tooth.