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Teeth Whitening

Internal and External

Smile is one of the most important elements of your appearance. It is the first feature that you see when you meet someone.

A white and bright smile is beautiful, makes you feel glamorous, confident and stand out. Some of the daily habits such as smoking, coffee, tea, red wine, soft drinks type cola etc. gradually changing the colour of teeth.

Tooth whitening is a process in which internal tooth pigments are removed by using hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide gels.

There are three types of teeth whitening:

  • The one which is performed at home. In this method, the dentist makes transparent trays custom made for each individual. The patient then places the gel within the trays which was given to him/her by the dentist and then puts them in his/her mouth. Depending on the composition of the trays the patient can wear them from one to several hours each day, until reaching the desired result. It is recommended in cases where the colour-change is not big and to improve or maintain the result of the next process.
  • The one which is performed in the dental clinic. In this method, the dentist places the special gel on the teeth of the patient, after isolation of all oral soft tissues, depending on the gel which is used it may require the activation of a curing lamp or laser. The desired result is usually achieved in 1-2 hours.
  • The internal whitening is done in the dental clinic on endodontically treated teeth. In this case the active substance is placed inside the tooth in order to work deeper. They take additional appointments after certain days for replacement of the active substance to achieve the desired results.

Note that whitening on live teeth may sometimes create dental sensitivity problems which are most often temporary and disappear after one or two days.

However, a careful examination of the teeth and all treatments that are required (fillings, gingivitis treatment) need to be made before initiating the whitening treatment.ΜΑΡΓΑΡΙΤΑΓΡΗΓΟΡΙΟΥΑΚΟΝΑFotorCreated13