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Gingivitis and Periodontitis Treatment

Gingivitis and Periodontitisare the most frequent diseases of the gums and generally the tissue surrounding the teeth.The tooth plaque which creates the calculus (stone)is responsible mostly for the inflammation of the gums, which is perceived by the bleeding. In these cases, a thorough cleaning by the dentist and patient’s compliance to the instructions of the dentist for regular oral hygiene, the condition is reversible.

There are cases where the visible gingivitis is due to the existence of general factors such as hormonal changes, pregnancy, stress or excessive growth of certain bacteria, so you need to receive antibiotics in order to be treated or take a test in order to check if you have any hormonal changes.
In cases where apart from the gums, the patient’s periodontal (bone etc.) is also affected by inflammation, then it is periodontitis. Several factors other than dental plaque may be responsible for the appearance of periodontitis, such as smoking, medical factors and more.

This is the very reason it is necessary to obtain a detailed medical and dental history and thorough clinical examination by the dentist before starting treatment.

Treatment usually comprises several appointments during which a deep cleaning of the teeth takes place and in some cases may require additional surgery.

It is important to note that treatment alone cannot bring the best results if the patient does not follow the indicated instructions by the dentist of oral hygiene procedure at home.